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Explore African American History & Heritage

Explore African American History & Heritage Flourishing with the cotton boom of the mid-19th century, the landscape surrounding Madison was covered in sprawling plantations during …

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Uncover the Haunted History of Madison, GA

As the winds begin catching a chill and Halloween creeps ever closer, visitors to Madison find themselves wondering what strange histories may lie inside the …

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Favorite Things: Rogers House

Our ‘Favorite Things’ series continues to highlight everything that we believe makes Madison well… Madison! These treasures bring life to our small town and each …

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Favorite Things: Rose Cottage

Our ‘Favorite Things’ series has taken a look into historic homes, beautiful gardens, and courageous citizens. Especially during this unprecedented time, we know an uplifting …

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Favorite Things: Heritage Hall

Our ‘Favorite Things’ series has continued to unearth hidden gems about some of the most beloved places in our beautiful small town. While we could …

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Madison-Morgan Cultural Center: Madison’s 125-Year Old Schoolhouse 

For more than a century, the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center has been a place of inspiration and education for our local community as well as travelers …

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The Legend of Joshua Hill: The Man that Saved Madison

Every story has a hero that saves the day when it seems all hope is lost. For the beautiful town of Madison that hero was …

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Celebrate Black History Month in Morgan County

It goes without saying that African Americans have shaped life in Georgia for centuries. The Peach State is often considered the home of the American …

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History Loves Company: 7 Under-the-Radar Spots in Madison to Discover

It’s no secret that Madison and its surrounding towns are chock-full of history. What may be a surprise to you is there are several historical sites we …

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