Our area and fellow communities around Georgia have seen an increase in fake event postings, where the intent is to scam people out of money requested to help fund the event, reserve a spot or some other ploy.

Don’t be a victim! Here are some things to watch for and ways to verify if an event is real or a scam.


  • Requests for money via direct payment methods or other payment forms that are not customary (Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, gift cards, etc.)
  • Events without locations or a hosting organization in the original posts (often, BUT NOT ALWAYS)
  • Misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, unusual capitalization
  • A sense of urgency
  • Events you have neither attended in the past nor know anyone who has


  • If a location or host is given, contact the business, city or whoever is in charge of the location via their website, NOT the number/profile of the person posting the information
  • Go to for a current list of events in Morgan County or call the Welcome Center at (706) 342-4454 to see if it is a listed event

Please note that this list is not universally true of all scams, so please stay vigilant and be cautious of direct payment and other requests through unverified sources.

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