Planning Your First Family Road Trip to Madison, Georgia

Family Road Trip

Planning Your First Family Road Trip To Madison, Georgia

Contributed by Guest Blogger Katlyn Lee

Road trips are enjoying a huge boom, with an MMGY Global survey reporting that over the past few years, there has been a 64% increase in people saying they have chosen this means of travel. Road trips are bound to be even more important in upcoming months, with more people traveling domestically and using their cars to avoid potential health issues in airports and planes. Madison, Georgia is an ideal choice for a family road trip for many reasons. It is filled with beautiful natural and historic sites, hospitable locals, and a wide array of accommodation choices for families of all sizes. If this is your chosen destination for your next family road trip, keep the following tips in mind.

Creating Your Bucket List

You probably already have a few must-see sites and activities on your list in Madison – including a tour of historic homes on the Antebellum Trail. Download Madison’s Walking Tour App on Google Play or the Apple App Store for a self-guided tour of the Historic District. However, if your kids are old enough, get them excited about seeing the splendor of Madison for the first time by asking them to pick a couple of their own dream activities. They might choose biking, visiting a restaurant in town, or shopping for treasures downtown. Town Park is another place that both children and adults will enjoy.

Your Choice Of Vehicle Is Important

If you are traveling with family, factors to consider include gas mileage, space and safety. If you will be renting a car, a cross-country or SUV vehicle with lots of trunk space will be ideal. As far as safety is concerned, ensure your chosen vehicle has a top-notch anti-locking braking system, good stability control, airbags, and enough space to place a baby seat and booster chairs if required, as well as other space-occupying items such as a pet crate if you will be taking your pet for the ride. Having a good GPS system will be a huge help; the larger the screen the better so you don’t have to negotiate complex maps while trying to make sense of a small smartphone screen.

Health Matters

People are understandably concerned about travelling safely post-COVID-19. Movement may currently be restricted, but in weeks to months, the world will most likely be in the ‘new normality’ phase – one in which domestic travel will be the top choice for those wishing to avoid potential flight and hotel cancellations abroad. To play it on the safe side, get travel insurance – especially if you will be taking part in adventure activities. Bring an emergency kit with you that includes hand sanitizer, alcohol swabs and other basic First Aid supplies. The Madison Welcome Center is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and is a good place to wash up as well as get the latest information on what’s open in town. You may find a list of business updates and event info here as well. 

Time In The Great Outdoors

Children spend less time outdoors than in any other generation, with some spending only four to seven minutes of unstructured play outside per day. Taking advantage of a holiday to ensure kids enjoy green time is key, and there are many opportunities to do so in Madison. Have a picnic in Town Park. Take a walk around Round Bowl Springs and through the cemetery to learn about famous Madisonians. Visit Hard Labor Creek for hiking, playing on the beach, putt-putt, and other outdoor recreation activities. These are just a few areas in which to make the most of the stress-busting effects of the Great Outdoors.

If you are planning your first road trip after confinement, Madison is an excellent choice that combines the splendor of nature with beautiful architecture and a comfortable vibe. Plan your trip safely, ensuring your car is up to the task and your emergency kit is well stocked. Make a big list of things to do, ensuring everyone has a say in what promises to be a memorable trip with plenty of healing outdoors time.